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Nutty Friends

Just some of my favorite people and places to visit online and some great retailers:

Artist, dreamer, analog junkie, collector, zine maker, bass player.

Pira Urosevic
Inkophile, master of the ink trees, cat whisperer and my 4th favorite Canadian (after the members of RUSH).

The Pen Addict
Brad Dowdy’s pen and stationary blog – you name it, he’s probably covered it. Also co-host of the Pen Addict podcast and co-owner of Nock Co.

The Pen Habit
Matt Armstrong covers Fountain Pens, Ink, Paper, and General Writing Nerdiness on his blog – can probably out-Karaoke you too.

Fountain Pen Day
Celebrated every 1st Friday in November by fountain pen enthusiasts everywhere.

The Well-Appointed Desk
Ana is a self-professed lover of office supplies and paper goods. Head on over and get yourself well-appointed too.

Gourmet Pens
Azizah is part pen and stationary addict, part crazy cat lady – plenty of juicy nibs and cat pics to peruse.

Leigh Reyes
The Nakaya ninja and possible ink mixing mastermind – pushing flexy to the limits.

Quink and Bleach
Nick Stewart’s blog looks at combining ink, bleach and paper into beautiful artwork.


Pen Chalet
Authorized dealers for a huge array of pens, inks and stationary accessories from all the big brands you love plus few unique offerings from brands like Taccia and Namiki.

The Goulet Pen Company
Brian and Rachel run the best place to satisfy your pen habit – with huge selections of paper, ink and stationary items – all shipped in bomb-proof packaging (no seriously, it could survive a direct nuke strike).

Classic Fountain Pens
Looking for that first Nakaya, Danitrio or Eboya pen? Some beautiful Japanese beauties and ninja nib tuning by John Mottishaw to boot.

Nock Co.
Fantastic pen cases and accessories all made in the USA – I don’t leave home without one…or three!

Home of Kobe inks and all kinds of stationary and pens – occasional special editions from Sailor/Pilot/Platinum available (Japanese).